Precast and Industrial

Shriro Malaysia has been serving the needs of the anti-corrosion industry ever since we started out in operation. Over the years, we have built a strong portfolio in supplying products for the water, oil and gas, petrochemical as well as marine industry. Our personnel’s dedication and competency in delivering what is needed for our business partners have gained valuable trust that the division has been entrusted as an exclusive distributor for a number of brands.

The division’s durability and experience in dealing with the various diversified businesses have also strengthen the team working under the sector leading to the expansion of our own brand of precast concrete products called CMPC in 2014.

Since its inception, CMPC has built itself to become a capable specialist, producing a wide range of high quality precast items often used to support the needs of the electrical and telecommunication infrastructure in Malaysia. Locally manufactured at its own casting yard facilities in Semenyih, CMPC has obtained certifications from SIRIM, IKRAM, telco companies and government bodies, validating and endorsing the quality of our own homemade products.

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The success of the CMPC spurred the extension of the business in providing to the motorcycle engine oil industry in 2016 with the partnership with a reputable engine oil from US.


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